Reinventing Wheels Mini Wood/Coal Burning Smoker/Smoke Generator


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Product Description

These are mini wood burners they are very small and they do get very hot. The product is designed for out door use only and makes a fantastic patio decoration or a perfect smoke generator for fish, meat or cheese . The body is made from 100 x 100 mm box section The Handel on the door is made from steel with a brass shell casing pushed over the top for decoration this can be removed if you wish. They are fitted with a short flue which is 48 mm external so a piece of 50 mm x 1 mm wall tube will be a tight fit over it or 51 mm x 1.5 mm other 50mm pipe joiners can also be used as well as flexible exhaust tubing. They are made from thick steel which is welded so they are very strong and durable, minimum thickness is 3mm unlike others that are only 1mm This is my top loading design so it can take a a lot of fuel for its size and is loaded from the top using a welding glove, oven glove or suitable protection to lift the lid. The small door at the bottom of the unit is to light, clean and regulate the air to the fire. I used a inferred thermometer to test the temperature of this unit and it exceeds 321 degrees C. This unit does draw very well when dry wood is used with a hard wood it would be higher temperature and with coal even higher I would estimate 500 upwards You can use a variety of fuels for example: wood (dry) wood chips (dry) bbq charcoal brickets peat coal. If you wish to use coal I would recommend fitting a small grill in the bottom to keep coal from directly touching the bottom as it will extend the life of the unit. Do not use coal if using as a smoke generator for food products. Again this product is designed for outdoor use only in a well ventilated suitable area


  • Miniture Decorative Outdoor Burner, 320mm From Floor To Top Plate – Outdoor use only
  • Top Plate Measures 150mmx150mm – Outdoor use only
  • Short 48mm Flue Included As Shown In Images – Outdoor use only
  • Small Door To Regulate Air Flow And Heat Output – Outdoor use only
  • Suitable To Burn Wood /Wood Chips (Dry) BBQ coal, Brickets, Peat & Coal – Outdoor use only
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