Mini Size 8 Blade Stove Fan – Silent, Heat Powered Wood/Log Burner Fan for Ultra Small Space- 30% Larger Than 4 Blades


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Product Description

Box Contains:
1 x Heat powered stove fan
1 x Stove Thermometer

The new fan packs a mighty punch; don’t be deceived by its diminutive size, sitting at just 138mm high, our Premium 8 fan operates at a lower temperature and really blows hot air – FACT. The innovative Premium 8 Fan features a uniquely engineered design that boasts an advanced radiating fin to generate maximum airflow, with up to 70% more air flow than competitor products. Designed to start at a temperature as low as 50C, the fan requires no batteries or external power. Heat is conducted though the base of the fan and converted to electricity which powers the silent fan motor. With a durable, hard wearing black anodised finish, the fan automatically slows and stops as the heat from the stove burns out.

– Material: Anodized Aluminum
– Product Dimension: 106mm*205mm*138mm
– N.W.: 0.73kg
– Starting Temp:50°C(122°F)
– Maximum operating temp 350°C(662°F)
– Optimum operating range:80-250°C(176°F-482°F)
– Air Flow:430CFM
– Starting Up Time(200°C):28-50 Sec
– Running RPM:1600-1970RPM
– Silent operation,the noise less than 36dB
– Warranty:12 months
– Magnetic Stove Thermometer:Diameter 63mm,monitor temp from 70-900°F(40-500°C).(+/- 10%),placed on the stove top or side,or single wall pipe.

Positioning of Stove Fans
Please be aware that stove fans need to sit at the back of the stove, to the side of the stove pipe. Do not sit any stove fan directly in front of the stove pipe, as the temperature will be too great, and could damage the fan motor.

Just dust it off occasionally, and put some light oil on the blade shaft to keep it spinning smoothly and quietly!


  • Mini Size–If you happen to have your wood heater installed in a fireplace, now you can collect and use wasted heat that was going up the chimney, with this squat stove fan that has two mini fans.It sits on top of the wood heater, and is small enough to blow the air out from under the chimney, and across the room.
  • No Batteries or Electricity Required–The stove fan uses heat from the stove surface to spin,adjust its speed automatically with the stove surface temperature.
  • Safty Design-The stove fan support is made with Anodized Aluminum, able to resist high temperature up to 660°F(350°C), no deformation and no discoloration even after long time working under high temperature.
  • Silent Operation – As the stove warms up, the Wood Fire Stove Fan runs faster and faster, distributing the heat to the far corners of the room. And even at top speed, there is hardly a whisper.It’s almost totally silent.(The stove fan makes less than 25 dB even going hard).
  • Less Consumption ,More Efficiency–Reduce the fuel consumption and make the room warmer quickly
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