Bio Fires – Bow Bio Ethanol Burner Black


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Product Description

Fantastic and versatile BOW BURNER can be used either as a stunning flame-reflecting tabletop burner for your dinner party, a romantic evening in or inside an existing fireplace. It will produce a large and lively flame, filling up the room with beautiful charm of a real fire.

Two glass panels catch plenty of reflections from the flame, especially with the light dimmed. The Bow Burner is both neutral and chic, it will seamlessly blend in with any interior.

Original and functional gift for any occassion.

Adds warmth to any indoor or outdoor space – visually and physically – the burner produces about 1.5 kW of heat.

Black matt powder coated finish.

Burner’s base
2 panels of heat-proof glass
Screws/bolts for assembling
Stainless steel container
Extinguishing tool
1L of Bio Ethanol


  • Dimensions: 25 cm high, 35 cm wide, 21.5 cm deep
  • Weight (unboxed): 5kg
  • Container’s capacity: 500 ml. Burning time: approx. 1.5 – 2h (depending on air flow)
  • Heat output guidance: approx 1.5 kW
  • Fuel Suitable: Bio Ethanol Fuel only (maximum ethanol content: 96%). NOTE: Gel fuel is NOT suitable.
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