5 Metres of 5″ 316 Grade Flexible Flue Liner for Chimney’s Multi Fuel Solid Fuel


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Product Description

Helix Premium Flue Liner is the best liner on the market today, tested in a UK test lab to higher standards than any other liner available in the UK, is strong and flexible and represents a real leap forward in flue construction. Manufactured in the UK to exacting standards, it has been lab tested to pull nearly 100kg of weight and still pass a gas tightness test at 200 pascals of pressure – way above the standard required for chimney flue liner. Super flexible and super strong – no exaggeration. Made from 316L grade stainless steel these liners have a spirally wound double skin construction that has a smooth inner flue way. For information, these flexible liners are specifically designed for use with solid fuel. Double skin liners are not to be confused with single skin flexible liners which are designed solely for use with gas fires which must not be used with solid fuel appliances under any circumstances. A manufacturer’s warranty is provided with this product for the lifetime of the appliance it is connected to, covering wood, logs, approved compressed wood and paper briquettes, gas and oil. Please note, the ‘lifetime of the appliance’ warranty does not cover the burning of coal with 316 grade Helix – if burning coal, we advise using 904 Helix Liner to benefit from the lifetime warranty. LINER INDUSTRY SPECIFICATIONS: Designation Number: EN1856-2 (Standard Number) / T600 (Temperature Level – tested to 600 degrees continuous, 1000 degree maximum) / P1 (Pressure Level – tested to 200 pascals of pressure) / D W (Condensate Resistance – D-Dry / W-Wet) / Vm (Corrosion Resistance) / 50010 (Material Specification – 0.10mm thick) G (Sootfire Resistance – G-Yes / O-No)


  • CE Approved
  • Warranty: Lifetime of the appliance (warranty void if burning coal – please use 904 grade)
  • Inner Skin: 316L / Outer Skin: 316L
  • Material Thickness: 0.10mm
  • Fuels: Solid Fuels, Oil, Gas
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